Mastercom prides itself on the strength of its professional team and ability to manage and develop, often complex communication infrastructure, on time and on budget. Our team thinks outside the square and never shy away from a challenge, which is how we’ve been able to stay ahead of the game. We move with the times and innovate with the technology at hand, while also looking to the future. 

Mastercom Capability Statement (PDF)

Over 50 years of experience

For more than 50 years, our team has been dedicated to product innovation. We are well known for providing our customers with the highest quality of critical communications infrastructure, support and services available in NSW.

Diverse solutions for every industry

Mastercom designs and implements communication networks and infrastructure that supports continuous visibility and connectivity across many industries including facility management, transport and logistics, local government, emergency services, utilities, construction, ports, and airports. Our unrivalled technical ability and deep industry knowledge enables us to connect the bodies in any operating environment, no matter how complex or remote.

Leaders in innovation

Mastercom pioneered the Orion Network for business critical communications. The Orion network is backed by the most comprehensive network of engineers and technicians in the industry, and has been providing unrivalled two way digital voice and video coverage Australia wide for 12 years. The power of applications in conjunction with the Orion Network add value to user operations and has been a key ingredient to ensuring your workforce is always connected. 

Customisable solutions

When it comes to ever changing communication requirements, we understand the need for flexibility for incidents, extraordinary and special events, which is why we offer fully customisable solutions. Our team of experts will take the time to understand your business needs before engineering a custom two-way communication solution which will ensure a safer, more efficient and reliable workplace.

Latest global technologies

Aligned with global technology partners, Mastercom is committed to delivering high quality solutions, on time and within budget. We frequently build custom infrastructure by integrating systems which allows us to design the right solution to support unique client needs. 

Fixed communication costs

The initial capital required to establish an on-site communication system can be significant and typically requires ongoing maintenance to ensure its success. At Mastercom, we are committed to ensuring you have loud and clear communications when you need it, without downtime or large capital outlay. From network design and build, to program maintenance and repairs, our managed digital two-way radio services provide scalable management of your radio communication system to suit your workplace environment and budget. 

Industry awards

Mastercom is the proud recipient of many industry awards. The awards show our team’s dedication and consistent effort across all facets of the industry and our drive to stay competitive in the communications industry.