We’re Willing To Put Our Two Way Radio Communications On The Front Line

Your ability to direct and anticipate the right move in an emergency situation is totally dependent on your visibility and connection with the situation at hand.

Mastercom’s two way radio technologies for emergency response provide you with greater control and empower you to lead a team that is always visible, always connected and always responsive.

From the control room to the disaster site, our unrivalled technical ability and proven industry credentials enable us to connect any operating environment, no matter how complex or remote.

Mastercom Public Safety Solution Brief (PDF)

Our integrated fleet and personnel systems support two way radio emergency response for

  • Fire Services
  • State and Federal Police
  • Ambulance Services
  • Security Services
  • Surf Life Saving
  • State Emergency Services (SES)
  • State and Local Governments

We’re willing to put our two way radio communications on the front line to make sure you’re heard loud and clear in the moments that matter. Contact our emergency solutions team to find out more about our integrated digital mobile radio solutions in Sydney, New South Wales and beyond.

Critical digital mobile radio features to improve response time and service delivery

Emergency response efforts should never be hampered by inadequate network coverage or poor audio quality. Our integrated voice and data technologies support:

  • Integration of voice and data systems across separate response teams
  • Built-in GPS to enable constant visibility of all field members
  • Automated distress alarms with automated messaging to a nominated response group
  • Central dispatch capability with web based maps to identify the nearest response vehicle
  • A dedicated, secure radio network that lets you talk and hear clearly in the commotion of an emergency
  • Handsets with exaggerated controls for use with bulky gloves