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Never before has the importance of essential services been so evident in our society. The frontline voice is critical, however, new technologies empower rapid decision making.

For over 50 years, Mastercom has worked with teams in all situations, from the factory floor to the fireground. Communication is the specialist Mastercom DNA, bringing together devices, new technology, networks and software that enable teams to work seamlessly. Mastercom engineer’s solutions for Public Safety, Transport, Facilities, Construction, Ports, Airports, Transit, Data Centres, Local Government, Toll Roads and many other markets. The key to Mastercom’s success is our highly skilled, technical people who work with RF and related systems to solve business problems, every day. Combined with high quality partner products from Motorola, Avigilon, Tait, Sierra Wireless and others, Mastercom has the tools to add value to any field team.

Mastercom Capability Statement (PDF)