Our Story

Pushing boundaries since 1968, Mastercom has delivered cutting edge communication solutions empowering teams to be visible, connected and responsive. Our team at Mastercom has always had a genuine passion and interest in bringing together devices, new technology, networks and software that enable teams to work seamlessly. 

Since 2007, Mastercom has progressed with the times under the direction of the Managing Director, Hamish Duff, innovating with the technology at hand, while also looking to the future. Mastercom sees the need for reliability, simplicity, scalability and stability in the communications industry. 

In 2010, together with a group of Australia’s leading mobile communication experts, Mastercom pioneered The Orion Network. Powered by Motorola‚Äôs MOTOTRBO technology, the Orion Network offers unrivalled two-way digital voice and video coverage around Australia. The combination of The Orion Network and MOTOTRBO allows Mastercom to provide so many features unrivalled by competitors. Our team of communication experts have tried and tested the latest technology advancements to ensure we are creating the best solution for your business. 

Celebrating more than 50 years of experience, Mastercom is reputed across the radio communications industry for their ability to create bespoke, scalable two-way-radio network solutions. Our highly skilled and technical crew work with RF and related systems to solve business problems, every day. 

Mastercom is now adding to our RF skills with new integrated video, IOT and software solutions using globally recognised products and home grown applications. 

Solutions and Services

Mastercom solutions and services are designed to streamline the network of communication across all sectors, from routine operations to sophisticated managerial standards, as well as critical emergency response communication. Our team is available to discuss solutions that best suit the needs of your organisation.  

Contact us to improve the following business communication channels for a more efficient and safe work environment for staff and customers.