Our Corporate Policies

Our policies and procedures guide our business relationships and behaviours and are endorsed and adhered to by our employees, partners and contractors.

Environmental Policy

​Our motto of “loud and clear” extends to our environmental footprint, and represents our commitment to demonstrate transparency and leadership in our obligation to behave as an environmentally responsible company. Read the Policy…

QAS International ISO 14001:2015

Quality Policy

At Mastercom the quality of our work is founded on our technical expertise, trust, resilience and reliability. Our motto is “loud and clear” which defines our commitment to deliver innovative two way radio communication solutions that make industry flow. Read the Policy…

QAS International ISO 9001:2015

OHS Policy

Mastercom is committed to the continual improvement of occupational health and safety performance and will take all reasonable care to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risks to health and safety for all workers, external providers, customers and visitors. Read the Policy…

QAS International ISO 45001:2018