The Mastercom management team understands that the core of a business is its people, we believe our team underpins the success of our business. That’s why we’re big on fostering and nurturing relationships with our staff, technology partners and clients.

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Hamish Duff

Managing Director

Hamish is the Managing Director of Mastercom and a founding Director of the Orion Network. A specialist in wide-area radio networks, Hamish has a genuine understanding of the pressures faced out in the field and the role that efficient communications plays to help people every day. With a career in communications spanning more than 40 years, Hamish is skilled in making the complex simple – engineering communication solutions to support the needs of all users – from the control room to the field. 

Hamish is the current honorary president of the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) and an honorary director of the DMR Association.

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Dale Doyle

General Manager

Dale became the General Manager for Mastercom having spent 14 years being responsible for the management of the company’s financial position and implementation of HR policies and procedures. Maintaining visibility over the performance of every part of the business, Dale is a “hands on” leader and is focused on building a capable, proactive team as, well as ensuring Mastercom remains financially sound through establishment of effective controls and systems. She brings more than 18 years experience to her role in managing in financial reporting, budgeting, cash flow for major projects, credit management, accounts receivable and payroll. 

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Glen Norris

Head of Partnership and Growth

Glen has over 35 years expertise in sales and marketing, including 15 years in management roles. He has broad IT and account management experience covering strategic and operational development. This broad sales and marketing experience is complemented by sound business and leadership skills, and his experience as a business consultant, mentor and facilitator. Glen has been heavily involved with the Orionet Network for over 8 years, now joining the Mastercom Management team in July 2022.

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Robert Glover

Sales Manager

With more than 30 years of experience in the communications industry Robert leads the sales and business development strategy. Robert is a solutions specialist skilled in understanding the internal workings of his clients’ business and finding the best fit communications technology for their unique operating environment. Robert’s extensive product and technical knowledge enables him to quickly identify clearer, faster ways of communicating within almost any business – ultimately helping to save time and money through creation of efficiencies. Robert plays an key role between the client and Mastercom’s technical engineers in conveying the critical elements required to support the client’s communication strategy.