Get The Most From Your Two Way Radio Network With A Loud And Clear Solution

From busy communication centres to remote solar sites, Mastercom ensures your two-way radio network is available loud and clear at all times.

We’ve been installing two way communication systems and infrastructure across New South Wales for more than 50 years and uphold our reputation by maintaining quality technology partners and a broad portfolio of infrastructure products.

We understand that no one solution or technology can be applied to every workplace environment, so we work with you to understand your operations and key deliverables in designing a bespoke radio communication system.

Contact our construction team to learn more about how we ensure you get the most from your two way radio network.

Two way radio construction specialists New South Wales

As specialists in digital and analogue voice technologies Sydney, two-way radio networks Sydney and data application integration, we seek to optimise the functionality of your two way radio communications by selecting the appropriate technologies and products for your situation.

In some cases we develop construction products in-house, leveraging the skills of our own technical engineers and installation teams.

Our product range includes:

  • Point to Point Network Infrastructure
  • Lighting Protection Metalwork
  • SCADA Networks