Mastercom has recently revamped our Software Solutions brochure [PDF]. This document offers a concise overview of the solutions we provide, aiding businesses in solving unique industry challenges, by implementing solutions that enable integration between radio, LTE, IOT, video networks and business systems.

The Software Solution brochure highlights two key software innovations, engineered by Mastercom’s Australian – based software developers: RADAR, designed for efficient data storage and analytics, and Gemini, a sophisticated real-time data processing system.

Our team excels in constructing intelligent systems that capture and analyse interactions, enabling the correlation of extensive data for various business users. As specialists in system integration, we ensure data quality and accessibility, leveraging open standards for reusable and adaptable solutions tailored to specific business needs.

To explore RADAR and Gemini systems further, view Mastercom’s Software Solutions Brochure online by clicking the image below.

For additional information, please get in touch with the team at Mastercom to discover how to maximize the clarity, control and capacity of your communications.