On Thursday, 19 April 2018, 28 NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) volunteers will depart for Gallipoli to assist with the Australian and New Zealand Government’s Anzac Day commemorations.
The volunteers have been able to make this trip a reality thanks to financial sponsorship from Mastercom, a local business and radio industry leader and other sponsors.
The connection between NSW RFS volunteers and Australian Defence Force personnel is exceptionally obvious to Mastercom Managing Director, Hamish Duff and part of the reason why sponsoring the NSW RFS volunteers was never a question.
 “The mateship and national spirit ideologies embedded in the Australian Defence Force are not so different to those I’ve witnessed during my many years working with the NSW RFS and its volunteers,” said Hamish.
 “’Gallipoli ignites a very definitive passion within Australians about the ‘Anzac Spirit’ idea. These were diggers who voluntarily went onto the frontline, many sacrificing their lives.”
“Every day around NSW we have volunteer firefighters truly embodying the Anzac Spirit of mateship, sacrifice and serving our nation. Both roles are exceptionally commendable services to our country. Mastercom is proud to be a Silver Sponsor, which will enable 28 NSW RFS representatives to travel to Gallipoli this Anzac Day.” 
The NSW RFS says without sponsorship from trusted business partners like Mastercom, such opportunities could not come to fruition. As a testament to the strength and dedication of this volunteer-based fire service, NSW RFS received over 300 Expressions of Interest from their members to be selected to assist during the Anzac Day services at Gallipoli.
 The selected 28 volunteers from around NSW will assist with the Australian services on Anzac Day, including the Dawn Service at the Anzac Commemorative Site and the Lone Pine commemorative service later that morning.

Integral to ensuring a successful commemoration, some activities they will undertake include: assisting Australian & New Zealand Government officers; pre and post service site clean-up, aiding assisted mobility visitors, helping to monitor and provide warming to attendees (i.e. with shelter, blankets, hot drinks etc.), and initial care, first aid and first responder care (as required).
 This is the first time the NSW RFS have been involved with supporting the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to deliver the commemorations at Gallipoli. Mastercom and the NSW RFS are proud to help honour those who gave so much.
More information about the NSW RFS involvement can be found on the NSW RFS website. www.rfs.org.au