Offering a comprehensive train & light rail on board communications solution that will benefit Mastercom’s transport customers, ErvoCom has entered the Australian market and selected Mastercom as one of its partners.

Filling the gap between old legacy analogue systems and expensive GSM-R system technology, the wireless Train Radio Solution (TRS2090) offered by ErvoCom gives customers the possibility to connect different sub systems to a central communications platform.

Passenger Information Systems, Public Address Systems (PIS & PAS), Passenger Emergency Intercom (PEI), CCTVs and onboard systems can be connected to TRS2090, no matter if they use DMR, TETRA, TEDS, LTE or WLAN technologies.

“This is a really exciting technology for our transport customers,” said Hamish Duff, Managing Director of Mastercom.

“It means fewer maintenance works due to reduced usage of system components and significant cost and space savings through integrating all functionality into a single unit.”

Additionally, a redundancy concept is in place with one TRS2090 fitted in each of the two driver cabins as a safeguard with the inactive TRS2090 able to be used as a data modem, further eliminating the need for additional systems.

Hamish said he looks forward to exploring the new technology with customers.

“There’s so many benefits to using a single, compact, integrated unit like TRS2090. I look forward to exploring the technology with our customers.”


Mastercom can utilise four key ErvoCom products for heavy and light rail customers, including:

  1. Train Radio System TRS2090 Tetra/DMR
    A digital train radio system which is cheaper than alternate GSM-R infrastructures and provides an expandable system concept with centralises communications for other on-board systems.
  2. Communication Console CoCo2137
    A specialised Communications Console designed specifically to simplify the work process of train and locomotive drivers.
  3. Driver Machine Interface DMI12177
    A multi-purpose touch control head for controlling various on-board systems and can be used as a diagnosis tool.
  4. Public Address Amplifier PAA2171
    An extremely compact digital audio amplifier which can be installed in a de-centralised manner and evenly distributed in railway cars via ETHERNET.