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Say NO to Dead or Dying Batteries With the 2nd Gen Motorola IMPRES 2 Multi-Charger.
Until 2nd Oct 2018

Place an order for 6 or more compatible Motorola radios with Mastercom before October 2nd, 2018 and receive a Motorola IMPRES 2 Multi-Charger at a sweet price.  What's not to like? 

Your radio is your lifeline and if your battery dies, it jeopardizes everything. That’s why there’s IMPRES 2, a next-generation energy system that’s safer and smarter, while keeping you powered for even longer.

With IMPRES 2, you can charge IMPRES batteries up to 40% faster. Customize your charging to extend the life of batteries in storage. And manage your batteries more intelligently with enhanced diagnostics, so you get the most from each battery. 


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